Full Name Dr. Martijn van Zanten
Position Assistant Professor
Work place Molecular Plant Physiology, Insitute of Environmental Biology, Utrecht University
Research Interest Understanding plant temperature signaling, perception and acclimation responses from the molecular to the organismal level
Email  m.vanzanten@uu.nl
Website https://www.uu.nl/en/research/molecular-plant-physiology/research-topics/thermomorphogenesis

Full Name Sergey Shabala
Position Professor
Work place University of Tasmania, Australia
Research Interest Plant stress physiology and membrane transport; understanding the role of specific ion transporters in adaptive responses to abiotic stresses (drought, salinity, waterlogging, soil acidity, osmotic and oxidative stress); understanding signalling cascades that mediate plant–environment interactions
Email Sergey.Shabala@utas.edu.au
Website https://www.utas.edu.au/profiles/staff/ tia/sergey-shabala

Full Name Kaisa Kajala
Position Assistant Professor
Work place Plant Ecophysiology, Institute of Environmental Biology, Utrecht University
Research Interest Cell type development and responses to environmental cues, evolution, big data, gene regulatory networks
Email k.kajala@uu.nl
Website https://www.uu.nl/en/research/plant-ecophysiology


Full Name Michael Wrzaczek
Position Group leader, Lecturer
Work place University of Helsinki, Finland
Research Interest Receptor-like protein kinases, reactive oxygen species, signal integration at the plasma membrane
Email Michael.wrzaczek@helsinki.fi
Website http://wrzaczek.at/


Full Name Eduardo Blumwald
Position Distinguished Professor
Work place Dept of Plant Sciences, University of California-Davis
Research Interest Abiotic Stress – Signaling – Transport
Email eblumwald@ucdavis.edu
Website blumwald.ucdavis.edu

Full Name Mark Aarts
Position Professor
Work Place Lab of Genetics, Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands
Research Interest Genetics of plant adaptation to the abiotic environment
E-Mail mark.aarts@wur.nl
Website www.wur.nl/en/Research-Results/Chair-groups/Plant-Sciences/Laboratory-of-Genetics.htm