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Full Name Dr. Andreas Bachmair
Group Leader, Associate Professor,
Work place Dept. of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Max F. PerutzLaboratories, Univ. of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Research Interest Biochemistry & Biophysics; Genetics, Epigenetics & Gene Regulation; Molecular Cell Biology
Email andreas.bachmair@univie.ac.at
Website https://www.mfpl.ac.at/groups/mfpl-group/group-info/bachmair.html


 Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Markus Teige" Full Name Dr. Markus Teige
Position Group Leader Plant-Systems Interaction
Work place Molecular Systems Biology, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Research Interest We study how plants adapt and acclimate to a changing environment or to stress conditions
Email markus.teige@univie.ac.at
Website https://mosys.univie.ac.at/team/markus-teige/


 Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Herman Höfte" Full Name Dr. Herman Höfte
Position Senior scientist, Group leader
Work place Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin, Paris, France
Research Interest
Email Herman.Hofte@versailles.inra.fr
Website http://www-ijpb.versailles.inra.fr/en/pave/equipes/paroi-primaire/





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Full Name Prof. Marie-Theres Hauser
Position Habilitation in “Molecular developmental biology and genetics of plants”
Work place Department of Applied Genetics and Cell Biology, University of Natural Resources and Life Science, Vienna, Austria
Research Interest Arabidopsis thaliana; comparative genomics; root morphogenesis; Phytoremediation; Salix caprea; responses and adapation to stress; heavy metals; UV-B; Cellulose biosynthesis; Biodiversity; Molecular Biology; Developmental Genetics; genetically modified organsims (GVO); Biotechnology; cell wall; cytokinesis; vesicle trafficking;
Email marie-theres.hauser@boku.ac.at
Website https://www.boku.ac.at/en/personen/person/1EFC1BD435B86471/




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Full Name Prof. Dr. Gerd Jürgens
Position  Professor, Group Leader
Work place  Universität Tübingen, Tübingen, Germany
Research Interest Mechanisms of specificity during vesicle formation and vesicle fusion in specific developmental contexts.
Email gerd.juergens@zmbp.uni-tuebingen.de
Website http://www.zmbp.uni-tuebingen.de/dev-genetics/juergens/people.html




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Full Name  Prof. Marisa S. Otegui
Position  Professor of Botany and Cell and Molecular Biology, Principal Investigator
Work place University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Botany and Genetics, Laboratory of Cell and Molecular Biology, Wisconsin, United States
Research Interest  Cell biology; intracellular membrane traffic; cytokinesis; endosperm development
Email otegui@wisc.edu
Website http://otegui.molbio.wisc.edu/



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Full Name  Dr. Viktor Zarsky
Position The head of the Laboratory of Cell Biology
Work place Institute of Experimental Botany, Academy of Science, Czech Republic
Research Interest
Email  zarsky@ueb.cas.cz
Website  http://www.ueb.cas.cz/en/users/zarsky




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Full Name Prof. dr. Roberta Croce
Position Head of the Biophysics Group at VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Full professor in Biophysics of Photosynthesis/Energy at the VU University Amsterdam, NL
Work place Biophysics of Photosynthesis, Dep. Physics and Astronomy, Faculty of Sciences, VU University Amsterdam, Amsterdam,The Netherlands
Research Interest Photosynthesis – the light reactions (under construction)
Email r.croce@vu.nl
Website http://www.robertacroce.nl/
 Wolfram Weckwerth Full Name Prof. Dr. Wolfram Weckwerth
Position Head of Department, graduate chemist
Work place Vienna Metabolomics Center (VIME), University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Research Interest Application of system-theoretical concepts in genome-scale molecular analysis, data integration and functional interpretation
Email wolfram.weckwerth@univie.ac.at
Website https://mosys.univie.ac.at/team/wolfram-weckwerth/





Full Name Dr. Barry Pogson
Position Pogson is Deputy Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology (www.plantenergy.edu.au) and lead CI on an International Wheat Yield Partnership grant to Improve Wheat Yeild by Optimising Energy Use Efficiency (iwyp.org)
Work place Australian National University, Australia
Research Interest Chloroplast to nuclear signalling: light, drought and carotenoids
Email barry.pogson@anu.edu.au
Website http://biology.anu.edu.au/research/labs/pogson-lab-chloroplast-nuclear-signalling-light-drought-and-carotenoids


  Full Name Dr. Michael Wrzaczek
Position Group Leader
Work place  Department of Biosciences, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
Research Interest Plant biology, Plant biochemistry, Reactive oxygen species, Programmed cell death, Signal perception
Email michael.wrzaczek@helsinki.fi
Website https://tuhat.helsinki.fi/portal/en/persons/michael-wrzaczek(edfb63ed-9f9b-4e9e-9b07-438ca772b4c4).html