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The Vienna International Science Conferences & Events Association (VISCEA), a non-commercial and non-profit organization, consisting of academy and industry scientists from across the world, founded in 2006 to initiate and assist in organizing professional and high quality scientific conferences and events in the city of Vienna- one of the most beautiful cities in the world, situated in the heart of Europe. 


VISCEA February 2017 Conferences have successfully passed! Click on the corresponding conference to download photos and abstract books.
Vienna is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the World, with its opportune setting on the Danube River, boundless green spaces, and combination of impressive imperial as well as modern architecture.
The city offers a great diversity of locations, from historical sites, such as the 14th century St. Stephan's cathedral in the very center, and the "Ring street" surrounding the inner city with 19th century buildings including the "Hofburg" (former castle of the Habsburg emperors), the Opera, the famous Natural History and Art History Museums, and the Vienna City Hall, etc.
As a participant of VISCEA Conferences Series, you can experience both the international scientific spirit of the meeting and the historic charm of the city alongside with modern entertaining services offered.

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