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   Plants In Vitro: Theory and Practice    


(February 8-9, 2016, Vienna, Austria)                                                     Jump to: 



Welcome to the International Conference on "Plants In Vitro: Theory and Practice"!

Plant cell and tissue culture in vitro is a collection of techniques used to maintain or grow plant cells, tissues or organs under sterile conditions on a nutrient culture medium of known composition. Plants cells, cultured in vitro, are able to regenerate into the complete fertile plants under the appropriate culture and environment conditions, e.g. plant cells are totipotent. Currently, plant cell and tissue culture in vitro has not only the great tool in basic research, such as cell biology, genetics, biochemistry and biotechnology, but has also the direct commercial importance in the mass propagation, production of doubled haploids, secondary metabolites, genetic transformation, etc.

International Conference "Plants In Vitro: Theory and Practice" to be held in Vienna on February 8-9, 2016 in Vienna, Austria  will discuss wide range of modern in vitro plant cell and organ culture technologies, fundamental aspects of plant cell totipotency and practical applications of in vitro technologies for crop improvement.

Vienna is located in the heart of Europe on the banks of the Danube River, and considered as one of the most important economic, cultural and touristic large cities of central Europe. Apart from providing top science, the Conference will capture the spirit of the city thanks to the central location of the venue offering a multitude of cultural events.

This three-day event will provide leading academy and industry scientists a platform to communicate recent advances in "Plants In Vitro: Theory and Practice", and an opportunity to establish multilateral collaboration.

The International Conference "Plants In Vitro: Theory and Practice" will cover the following research topics: 

• Plant Cell Totipotency
• Organogenesis, Morphogenesis & Regeneration In Vitro
• Somatic Embryogenesis
• Anther/Microspore Cultures (Androgenesis)
• Ovary/Ovule Cultures (Gynogenesis)
• Plant Cell Suspensions
• Plant Cell Bioreactors
• Protoplasts
• Micropropagation
• In vitro fertilization
• Plant Transformationce
Among the invited speakers are internationally known names such as: 
Klaus Palme (Germany), Kim Boutilier (The Netherlands), Misato Ohtani (Japan), Ying Hua Su (China), George Eric Schaller (USA), Danny Geelen (Belgium), Miguel Ángel Moreno Risueño (Spain), Xian Sheng Zhang (China), Attila Fehér (Hungary), María Pilar Valles (Spain), Iwona Żur (Poland), Borut Bohanec (Slovenia), Ana M. Castillo (Spain), Lorella Navazio (Italy), Stefan Schillberg (Germany), Fumihiko Sato (Japan), Giulia Delorenzo (Italy), Rong Lei (China), Eliezer E. Goldschmidt (Israel),  and others. 
*The list of invited speakers has yet to be confirmed.

Approximately 300-350 participants are expected to attend this exciting scientific forum including almost 40 lectures delivered by worldwide known invited speakers and young, talented speakers selected from submitted abstracts. The program combines plenary lectures, poster sessions, a unique Conference Dinner Party and sightseeing tours of Vienna.
Abstract Submission deadline is extended until January 15, 2016
Special Reduced Registration deadline: December 24, 2015
We are looking forward to see you in Vienna in February 8-9, 2016!

Prof. Klaus Palme (University of Freiburg, Chair, Scientific Programme)
Prof. Andreas Bachmair (University of Vienna, Chair, Scientific Programme)
Prof. Alisher Touraev (VISCEA, Local Organizer)

To download official conference poster press HERE
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